Comic Shop Fight Club

Howdy, I managed to churn this out before lunch so have a snoop and tell me what you think. It is VERY loosely based on a real event. And when i say real event, I mean that apart from the very first line, it is all bollocks! Enjoy!

I was put off from finishing this from the roughs i did about 6 months ago because i figured with it featuring Paul and the comic shop, that there were like laws against drawing false idols or something... I dont know i only got so far into the bible before i got bored. Think i read up to the point were Hagrid told Jesus he was a wizard. But as a gag strip the comic works, so i aren't too fussed.
This will probably end up with the rest of the one page short stories in the Skylark Lounge anthology for uni. Tatty byes.
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