Wild West Show Bar

Howdy, just a few more images of the finished club. As many as I can be bothered to upload haha... There's a lot of them!

The toilet and brothel area:
The First couple are by Jimmy Fuzz who should be uploading his own photos soon also.

These two are from in the guy's toilets and I added a cheeky underwear set to it as well.

The very pale "goth girl" because it was hard to mix up a good skin colour in the dark!

The hunky/ gay cowboy in the ladies. I want to see peoples profile pics of them bent over in front of him. Please? Not that I'm being perverted, just that I would feel famous if someone did!

Sexy Cowgirl

Pole dancer that I was very proud of because it goes around an actual pipe in the place. Doesn't work from all angles but still pretty cool!

This is the one they all referred to as "the tranny" I think its because of the jaw... Probably because we were drawing on bricks! Still I was not a happy bunny!

The Saloon area:
Jim's cowboy

My sultry cowgirl- Still the owners favorite!

Jim's prostitute and my seated guy that he did most of!

Jim's guitar player to go with my piano player and dancer. Nice little colab there!

The wanted posters I cooked up last minute, with the four of us artists on and the logo's with Jim's skulls

My cowboy... who seems to be waiting outside the ladies!

Dance floor and stage street scene:
County jail and the Sheriff's office/ dj booth.


The Street scene that Domanic Li originally designed and kindly allowed us to use after he could no longer be involved with the project.

Ragna Blades' Prostitutes which took a while to do but boy do they look good. A lot of detail and work went into these!

The shop front's including Ragna's Prostitutes and Mickey Chez's recurring shop keeper character- Prickly Mick!

Well That still ended up being a lot of photos. Even when I narrowed it down. We still have a bit of the smoking area to do outside with wagons and a mountain range etc. But not for a few weeks yet!
It has been an interesting collaboration so far. Me and Jim did the bulk of design work but let Blades and Mickey Chez run loose later on. Chez became very useful as a letterer and I got Jim to fix up my hands... because the usually look dodgy! But all in all good fun and the opening night was very fun and very messy for all of us. It's a great club and I recommend you all check out the Uk's only Wild West Show Bar
Tatty Byes!

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