Parcel Full of Fistful of Comics!

Howdy just got a lovely large parcel full of comics through the door. That I'm in. First page FTW. Get in touch if you'd like to buy one.
It was done by Millar-worlders. There is some really great work in it. Some of my favorite pages shown below. It's a shame a few of the comics in it seem to have bee done to the wrong specs as they are really blurry. Also the cover is noticeably pixelated. Tsk Tsk shame! Could have done with a wraparound cover or summat also cos it looks odd with the same image back and front. Anyway enough moaning- The majority of this is awesome!

There will be future sequels to it so check the millarworld creative forums. Get involved.

Tatty byes.
Parcel Full of Fistful of Comics! Parcel Full of Fistful of Comics! Reviewed by Matt on 3:08 pm Rating: 5

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