The Long Shot

Howdy, and here she is. The Long Shot in all her shiny space suit glory! I'm very proud of this...

With a logo by me and lettered by Jim Campbell since last I posted about this. But now you can enjoy the story by David Meadows. This is my A Fistful of Comics submission and will be one of the first pages featured in the anthology of new creatives.

There is a helluva lot of really amazing artwork and stories going into this and I am amazed it isn't getting more press.
Please join the Facebook page and follow the Twitter page
I will be shipping in about 30 copies to sell from myself and the local comic shop in Hull, Amazing Fantasy will be stocking it. I also plan to sell it on my stall at The Thought bubble sequential arts festival
The pre-order thread on millarworld if you would rather order direct is here.
Please pick up a copy or help advertise this!
Tatty byes!
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