Fistful of Feedback

Matt 12:46 am
Howdy, I've been reading through some of the feedback on Millarworld from the Fistful of Comics anthology. There are some very strong an...Read More
Fistful of Feedback Fistful of Feedback Reviewed by Matt on 12:46 am Rating: 5

Spoiler Alert!

Matt 1:06 pm
Howdy, I'm probably behind on reporting this. I've being hearing about it for a few months before i finally downloaded and listened ...Read More
Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert! Reviewed by Matt on 1:06 pm Rating: 5

Rescue Mission 2

Matt 1:00 pm
Howdy just another page of the comic coloured. Taking me longer than I thought, plus I also added the old zipatones to this and the previous...Read More
Rescue Mission 2 Rescue Mission 2 Reviewed by Matt on 1:00 pm Rating: 5

CLiNT Submission: Rescue Mission Colour

Matt 5:19 pm
Howdy, Just a quick colour update of the comic earlier. Obviously no text on it yet but what we thinking of the colour and the style? Tatty ...Read More
CLiNT Submission: Rescue Mission Colour CLiNT Submission: Rescue Mission Colour Reviewed by Matt on 5:19 pm Rating: 5
CLiNT Submission: Rescue Mission Pencils CLiNT Submission: Rescue Mission Pencils Reviewed by Matt on 4:27 pm Rating: 5

Parcel Full of Fistful of Comics!

Matt 3:08 pm
Howdy just got a lovely large parcel full of comics through the door. That I'm in. First page FTW. Get in touch if you'd like to buy...Read More
Parcel Full of Fistful of Comics! Parcel Full of Fistful of Comics! Reviewed by Matt on 3:08 pm Rating: 5

Big Cheese!

Matt 2:42 pm
Howdy, here's a comic like I promised. Set in McDonalds, so of course it's got a chav in it. Me and Nikki having tea and me going an...Read More
Big Cheese! Big Cheese! Reviewed by Matt on 2:42 pm Rating: 5

In Squid we trust

Matt 1:23 pm
Howdy, Just a short wordless comic for a little extra piece in a friends comic. Check out Snapper52 to keep up to date with whatever the he...Read More
In Squid we trust In Squid we trust Reviewed by Matt on 1:23 pm Rating: 5


Matt 11:52 am
Howdy, Olé. That is all. Well I realised that I hadn't had time to just draw for fun in aages. Then I wondered why everything was lookin...Read More
Olé Olé Reviewed by Matt on 11:52 am Rating: 5


Matt 11:44 am
Howdy, here's some roughs for a club's poster and flyer designs. Looks like the client doesn't want me now, so I'm just goin...Read More
Funkeh! Funkeh! Reviewed by Matt on 11:44 am Rating: 5

Gay Pride Banner

Matt 2:55 pm
Howdy, It's been a while since I posted so there are a few things to show. Firstly a banner I did for kids to colour in at the recent ga...Read More
Gay Pride Banner Gay Pride Banner Reviewed by Matt on 2:55 pm Rating: 5
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