Mattruss Comic

Matt 3:29 pm
Howdy. Let's kick off a more comic orientated blog shall we... All new hopefully more regular Mattruss Comics! More soon. Tatty Byes!Read More
Mattruss Comic Mattruss Comic Reviewed by Matt on 3:29 pm Rating: 5

After Thought Bubble

Matt 3:06 pm
Howdy, and hello to the new followers. I'm guessing from the recent convention and the vanishing of yet another box of business cards! I...Read More
After Thought Bubble After Thought Bubble Reviewed by Matt on 3:06 pm Rating: 5

Thought Bubble 2010

Matt 10:40 am
Howdy, I'm doing my preparation a bit late. But I'm sorting out old comics I don't want anymore, so I can sell them at the con t...Read More
Thought Bubble 2010 Thought Bubble 2010 Reviewed by Matt on 10:40 am Rating: 5

Christmatt Time

Matt 2:20 pm
Howdy, just a quick piccy I did for Nicole, to brighten up her little, grey, Hull city council office. Tatty byes. Oh and if anyone would li...Read More
Christmatt Time Christmatt Time Reviewed by Matt on 2:20 pm Rating: 5

New Zine: Get it While it's Hot!

Matt 2:34 pm
Howdy, Yep the collaboration with Snapper52 is done and whisking it's way to the printers. It will be on sale at Thought Bubble Festiva...Read More
New Zine: Get it While it's Hot! New Zine: Get it While it's Hot! Reviewed by Matt on 2:34 pm Rating: 5

Business Man

Matt 4:53 pm
Howdy, also I ordered new business cards a bit too late so I had to pay for express printing. I used this time to get several differ...Read More
Business Man Business Man Reviewed by Matt on 4:53 pm Rating: 5
100th Post! New Zine! Exclamation Marks!!! 100th Post! New Zine! Exclamation Marks!!! Reviewed by Matt on 4:35 pm Rating: 5

Wild West Show Bar

Matt 11:00 am
Howdy, just a few more images of the finished club. As many as I can be bothered to upload haha... There's a lot of them! The toilet and...Read More
Wild West Show Bar Wild West Show Bar Reviewed by Matt on 11:00 am Rating: 5

Wild West Show Bar: Behind the Scenes

Matt 10:05 am
Howdy (One of the few times that intro has made sense) You may remember the state that bar was in that I was asked to turn into a wild west...Read More
Wild West Show Bar: Behind the Scenes Wild West Show Bar: Behind the Scenes Reviewed by Matt on 10:05 am Rating: 5
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