Matt 1:13 pm
We found a super reasonably priced printer online so I'm going to be self publishing way more than I ever have done before. My first new...Read More
Sketchbook Sketchbook Reviewed by Matt on 1:13 pm Rating: 5
Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival 2016 Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival 2016 Reviewed by Matt on 1:07 pm Rating: 5

Stickers Bitches!

Matt 5:36 pm
So I'm all set for Thought Bubble Festival next month. Below I've got pictures of free stickers I'll have at my table for you be...Read More
Stickers Bitches! Stickers Bitches! Reviewed by Matt on 5:36 pm Rating: 5

New Shop Items

Matt 5:41 pm
There have been a bunch of new items added to MY STORE . My Women of Power prints as I've shared in my posts below are now fully reali...Read More
New Shop Items New Shop Items Reviewed by Matt on 5:41 pm Rating: 5

Holtzman Ghostbusters Print

Matt 7:01 pm
Who you gonna call? Me. To buy this upcoming print. This is the last in the series of the awesome females prints. I was tempted to do a DC p...Read More
Holtzman Ghostbusters Print Holtzman Ghostbusters Print Reviewed by Matt on 7:01 pm Rating: 5

Black Widow Print

Matt 6:09 pm
Here's the next in the series of kick ass ladeez. Should all be turned into prints for sale sooner or later! Read More
Black Widow Print Black Widow Print Reviewed by Matt on 6:09 pm Rating: 5

Ms Marvel Print

Matt 12:58 pm
The next of my print series is now coloured. Kampala Khan, Ms Marvel. Here's the sketch and the finished piece. Read More
Ms Marvel Print Ms Marvel Print Reviewed by Matt on 12:58 pm Rating: 5

Rey Print

Matt 9:55 pm
Here's the finished piece that I intend to turn into a print for Con Season! Cool Right?! Read More
Rey Print Rey Print Reviewed by Matt on 9:55 pm Rating: 5

New Prints WIP Update

Matt 12:24 pm
So I was toying with doing a bunch of new prints to sell at cons this year. Last time around as you'll see in my shop. Link in the sideb...Read More
New Prints WIP Update New Prints WIP Update Reviewed by Matt on 12:24 pm Rating: 5

Paroxysm Quintet #2

Matt 1:58 pm
I've finished the script and thumbnails for the second issue of my super hero parody comic. You can buy issue one in my online store, li...Read More
Paroxysm Quintet #2 Paroxysm Quintet #2 Reviewed by Matt on 1:58 pm Rating: 5

Star Wars

Matt 1:52 pm
So I've been toying with doing some Star Wars prints, for upcoming shows. So I've been playing around and doodling a few of the char...Read More
Star Wars Star Wars Reviewed by Matt on 1:52 pm Rating: 5
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