Thought Bubble Festival '13!

Matt 7:56 pm
Hey it's nearly time for Thobubs 2013 . Less than a month! So of course I am frantically making things. Bellow you will find a tease of ...Read More
Thought Bubble Festival '13! Thought Bubble Festival '13! Reviewed by Matt on 7:56 pm Rating: 5

Man of Steel

Matt 5:06 pm
So I still haven't seen the Man Of Steel film and it's been out a whole 4 days here in the UK, which is like 2 years in nerd time. S...Read More
Man of Steel Man of Steel Reviewed by Matt on 5:06 pm Rating: 5

Hit Girl

Matt 8:24 pm
I remember doing a Kick Ass fan art (fart) before but not a Hit Girl one I don't think. Anyway I did a doodle a while back and it was on...Read More
Hit Girl Hit Girl Reviewed by Matt on 8:24 pm Rating: 5

A Good Cause

Matt 10:18 pm
Done a cool comic for Something Entirely Different . It's for a good cause. I can't say much more now but follow their page and look...Read More
A Good Cause A Good Cause Reviewed by Matt on 10:18 pm Rating: 5

Commission Piece

Matt 6:19 pm
A piece for a client, based around a situation in his workplace. I believe it's intended as a present. Look see- It was my first attempt...Read More
Commission Piece Commission Piece Reviewed by Matt on 6:19 pm Rating: 5

Manga Studio Pro

Matt 2:04 pm
Hi I got bored of not drawing and after a snap decision purchase- I am now a Manga Studio Prostitute (Yes that's what Pro means). These ...Read More
Manga Studio Pro Manga Studio Pro Reviewed by Matt on 2:04 pm Rating: 5
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