Platform 2011 Live Art Wall

Matt 11:41 pm
Howdy, I was invited to do live art at Hull's big Gaming expo. along with a few other faces I know. It was held earlier today in Hull...Read More
Platform 2011 Live Art Wall Platform 2011 Live Art Wall Reviewed by Matt on 11:41 pm Rating: 5

Howl's Moving Castle

Matt 5:32 pm
Some more art from the Doomed Patrol side of things. This weeks challenge was set by Abi and was to do the Studio Ghibli character Howl. I w...Read More
Howl's Moving Castle Howl's Moving Castle Reviewed by Matt on 5:32 pm Rating: 5
Some Game Character I've Never Heard of Some Game Character I've Never Heard of Reviewed by Matt on 2:15 pm Rating: 5

Speed Draw Bea Comic

Matt 10:08 pm
Howdy me and Snapper52 just did a speed draw. 3 hours to make a comic in. I got a bit ambitious and did too much drawing and really crappy c...Read More
Speed Draw Bea Comic Speed Draw Bea Comic Reviewed by Matt on 10:08 pm Rating: 5

Jean-Paul François the Frog

Matt 2:07 pm
Howdy, It's my unofficial name for him right now. But it's for a children's learning resource website and group in London. Mainl...Read More
Jean-Paul François the Frog <strike>Jean-Paul</strike> François the Frog Reviewed by Matt on 2:07 pm Rating: 5

Pokemon Black and White!

Matt 11:44 pm
Howdy, pokemon black and white come out in a few days in the UK and I totally didn't realise it was so soon. I would have chosen it as m...Read More
Pokemon Black and White! Pokemon Black and White! Reviewed by Matt on 11:44 pm Rating: 5
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