The Doctor and Amy

Matt 9:39 pm
Howdy and HOLY GOAT NIPPLES, BATMAN! Yes this is the third post in a single day. I don't even blog that often that's the weird part!...Read More
The Doctor and Amy The Doctor and Amy Reviewed by Matt on 9:39 pm Rating: 5

Drink and Thor!

Matt 4:58 pm
Howdy, the afore and heavily mentioned Doomed Patrol had a recent drink and draw get together. We went to see Thor at the cinema first and t...Read More
Drink and Thor! Drink and Thor! Reviewed by Matt on 4:58 pm Rating: 5

Gertie Harry Comic Cover

Matt 4:02 pm
Howdy I finally got around to putting together the rest of the image for the Doomed challenge. Check it out! I am really proud of the charac...Read More
Gertie Harry Comic Cover Gertie Harry Comic Cover Reviewed by Matt on 4:02 pm Rating: 5
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