Bea Corpse

Matt 12:30 pm
Howdy, I've drawn another image of the character Bea AD. Similar to my last effort and it's for the same guy as before only this t...Read More
Bea Corpse Bea Corpse Reviewed by Matt on 12:30 pm Rating: 5

The Long Shot

Matt 4:56 pm
Howdy, and here she is. The Long Shot in all her shiny space suit glory! I'm very proud of this... With a logo by me and lettered by Jim...Read More
The Long Shot The Long Shot Reviewed by Matt on 4:56 pm Rating: 5

Mural Part 2

Matt 11:29 pm
Howdy this is my next bash at work on the wall. I took up more wall space then I thought I would get a chance too. I added an exit sign for ...Read More
Mural Part 2 Mural Part 2 Reviewed by Matt on 11:29 pm Rating: 5

Mural Part 1

Matt 11:22 pm
Howdy these are the images from the first day of the mural. The mural is in the huge car park of the Just save indoor market at the end of S...Read More
Mural Part 1 Mural Part 1 Reviewed by Matt on 11:22 pm Rating: 5

A Fistful of Comics Work in Progress

Matt 2:21 pm
Howdy, Just figured I would flash off what I have done so far for the comic page in the anthology. Mostly line-work but starting to add grey...Read More
A Fistful of Comics Work in Progress A Fistful of Comics Work in Progress Reviewed by Matt on 2:21 pm Rating: 5

Bea AD

Matt 8:02 pm
Howdy, this is a piece I did of a friends character, Bea AD. It's for the back matter extras for a zine. I really love the drawing, surp...Read More
Bea AD Bea AD Reviewed by Matt on 8:02 pm Rating: 5

Another Fistful of Comics Cover

Matt 1:13 pm
Howdy this is my final version to be submitted as my attempt at getting the cover for the anthology title. I didn't include the title as...Read More
Another Fistful of Comics Cover Another Fistful of Comics Cover Reviewed by Matt on 1:13 pm Rating: 5

My Degree Show

Matt 10:06 pm
Howdy! These are some images of my set up at my degree show. My plinth of Zines and Business cards. My portfolio stand. A wall with some of ...Read More
My Degree Show My Degree Show Reviewed by Matt on 10:06 pm Rating: 5
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