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Howdy, I got good news today. I will be appearing in the 'Fistful of Comics' anthology. It is a 52 page, black and white anthology comic, full of 1 to 6 page stories. It is organised by one of the head guys who run the Millarworld Forums and is intended to coincide with the release of 'CLiNT' organised by Mark Millar himself. Hence the two Clint Eastwood puns. (Also note that CLiNT reads as a very naughty word when read from a distance)
It was a professional project where writers had to be paired up with artists, letterers and possibly inkers. There is a two month deadline overall. I will be of course entering the CLiNT open admissions too.
Here is the list of creators involved in the stories with the feedback from the editor;

Mad Hugh Writer: Mike Champion Artist: Mike Champion Pages 3
Mike, as you're doing both sides you'll get to manage your own time, however I'd like to see your full script before the end of May just to read it over and make sure the historical aspects are clear.

Kid and Dog strip Writer: Johnny California Artist: Wonk Pages 1
You guys have completed this already so I just need the B&W version, plus you may want to double check the lettering.

Football on Mars Writer David Meadows Artist: Matt Hemsworth pages 1
Love this idea, simple and funny. Probably more visual than wordy.

Religious robot exploring space Writer: Mike Furth Artist: Chris Thornley Pages 3
I would suggest three one page strips to be honest guys. I likethe idea but think one story over several pages wouldn't work as well. You should be able to get your point across on a single page.

Samurai vs Zombie Writer: Sanjay Artist: Sanjay Pages 6
Sanjay, you have the biggest story in the book, and so the biggest responsibility. I'd like to see the full script before end of May, and if you need help ask for it.

Jim Jones Writer: Vic Carungi Artist: Vic Paperstreet guy Pages 3
I've read the script already - just make sure you're all ready to go before the baby comes Vic.

Ghost school crush Writer: Martin Smith Artist: Ben Holliday Pages 4
Love the idea, but Martin try and tighten it up a little and explore the impact a little more. I'd rather it didn't end on her being a ghost, but more on how they decide to relate to each other. Ideally the ghost reveal is at the end of page 2.

Test driving a giant Robot Writer: Mark Peyton Artist: Aris Pages 2
A match made in heaven. I think 2 pages should be enough. Aris, I want a wicked ass insane robot from you - go all Geoff Darrow on me!

Superhero widow Writer: Jonny Artist: Jonny Pages 3
This is all down to you Jonny. I think it'll work better being played for laughs, or as social commentary, but it's different and therefore interesting.

Drake and Griffen Writer: JW Carroll Artist: Gavin Smith Pages 4
You can either do single page strips or oen complete story, but make it a full story - no introductions only. You've got a hell of an artist JW so make good use of him.

Remembering Powers Writer: Jason Moncrieff Artist: Chris M Pages 4
Remembering you have powers is a brilliant sweet idea. the 3 powers and you die thing doesn't work in this format. So tell me two stories about someone waking up to superpowers and what they do Jason.

Trenches Writer: Kann Emirler Artist: Kaan's artist Pages 5
Both the idea and art wowed me, now impress me with something catching in 5 pages guys.

Dance like it's 1999 Writer: Geoffrey D Wessell Artist: John Lagasca Pages 2
You did great work with your music as magick single page strip Geoffrey, now do the same here. 2 pages should be enough to tell your story.

Superhero in Love Writer: Craggy Artist: Mdavidct Pages 2
Nice idea Craggy. make it sweet, tender, and kind of a rip of a real life situation.

Fionnula thing Pages 1
I have no idea what you'll do but I trust you to deliver a lovely page for the book.

War wizard Mural Writer: Sarah Horrocks Artist: Kieran Beech pages 2
I love the idea, but think it needs tightened up to 2 pages.

Middle America Superheroine Writer: Richard Nilsson Artist: Adam Balson Pages 3
You almost need the villains arriving at the end of the first page. I'd prefer a complete story than an intro Richard.

And for completeness Keith Chan and I are doing 3 one page strips called 'When cybernetic enhancements go wrong'

It should be assembled and out in July/ September time so I can sell it at Thoughtbubble! Yay! Word on the street is that it should cost around $2.25ish or maybe less. Well chuffed about this. Stay tuned for more info.

Tatty byes!
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