Love match Editorial Part Deux.

Matt 5:39 pm
Howdy, got the main part of the editorial out the way, but not so sure of the background colour just yet... so it may change a tad more: Any...Read More
Love match Editorial Part Deux. Love match Editorial Part Deux. Reviewed by Matt on 5:39 pm Rating: 5

Love match Editorial.

Matt 3:16 pm
Howdy! The Brief was to do at least 3 spots and a main illustration for an editorial piece about online dating sites. I decided to do all 12...Read More
Love match Editorial. Love match Editorial. Reviewed by Matt on 3:16 pm Rating: 5

What I'm listening to...

Matt 3:23 pm
Howdy! Whilst working on that last image i posted, i realised that music is a huge influence on my work and or mood as i am working. Seen as...Read More
What I'm listening to... What I'm listening to... Reviewed by Matt on 3:23 pm Rating: 5

Tone Magazine

Matt 2:55 pm
Howdy Finally got round to doing something for Abi Nottingham's Art-only Zine, granted i was a day late but hey ho... The theme for thi...Read More
Tone Magazine Tone Magazine Reviewed by Matt on 2:55 pm Rating: 5

Nobrow Competition

Matt 2:07 pm
Howdy just showing off my two entries into the "People i never met and conversations i never had" competition.. Love the mini Matt...Read More
Nobrow Competition Nobrow Competition Reviewed by Matt on 2:07 pm Rating: 5

Valentines Day

Matt 3:39 pm
Howdy, Been making valentines cards for the Bake sale: Eat Love, tomorrow and here they are; I had some ideas for much more bad taste ones....Read More
Valentines Day Valentines Day Reviewed by Matt on 3:39 pm Rating: 5
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