More Commissions!

Matt 5:49 pm
This commission was for a friend's, friend's son. Which confuses me to write but either way the little kid loves Marvel and so he...Read More
More Commissions! More Commissions! Reviewed by Matt on 5:49 pm Rating: 5

Commission Time!

Matt 12:08 pm
So, I've taken on a growing amount of commissions in the run up to Christmas. It's pretty safe to show them and the progress on here...Read More
Commission Time! Commission Time! Reviewed by Matt on 12:08 pm Rating: 5

Thoughtbubble 2014 Write Up!

Matt 1:42 pm
Hey, I've had such a fun weekend at Leeds' annual Sequential Arts Comic Festival. I did a lot better than last year (in the bizarre...Read More
Thoughtbubble 2014 Write Up! Thoughtbubble 2014 Write Up! Reviewed by Matt on 1:42 pm Rating: 5

Button It!

Matt 11:31 am
Button badges are something I've never really made a large run of before. One offs and whatnot, sure! But a full print run, never. So I ...Read More
Button It! Button It! Reviewed by Matt on 11:31 am Rating: 5

Christmas Cards!

Matt 11:24 am
So the Groot, and the now finished Rocket card have both been sent off to the printers and it shouldn't be too long until I have them in...Read More
Christmas Cards! Christmas Cards! Reviewed by Matt on 11:24 am Rating: 5

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

Matt 3:11 pm
You all must know how much I like puns, so for Thoughtbubble Festival this year I've started work on some Christmas cards featuring Rock...Read More
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like... It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like... Reviewed by Matt on 3:11 pm Rating: 5

Drive Magazine

Matt 2:57 pm
So for absolutely ages I've been doing this mag around the day job and I've finally received the finished work. 1,000 copies about t...Read More
Drive Magazine Drive Magazine Reviewed by Matt on 2:57 pm Rating: 5

Portrait Commissions

Matt 11:57 am
Hey everyone. I've done a portrait of someone very special to me and I wondered if anyone else would like one doing too? Black and Whit...Read More
Portrait Commissions Portrait Commissions Reviewed by Matt on 11:57 am Rating: 5

Space Gods

Matt 11:06 pm
Hiya so I recently found this old comic that I teased on here a while back. Not sure if I like half of the panels but I'm proud of the o...Read More
Space Gods Space Gods Reviewed by Matt on 11:06 pm Rating: 5

Guardians of the Galaxy

Matt 8:08 pm
Hiya, so I'm so super excited for Guardians of the Galaxy. I cannot wait. At some point in the year I will be getting Rocket and Groot p...Read More
Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy Reviewed by Matt on 8:08 pm Rating: 5

Hairy Potter

Matt 5:24 pm
This mash-up picture was done for a friend. She loved it and it was then described as the "inside of her head" haha! Think it wa...Read More
Hairy Potter Hairy Potter Reviewed by Matt on 5:24 pm Rating: 5

Red Dwarf Poster

Matt 5:08 pm
This is the last of the posters from the previous years creations. Another of my favourite TV classics! also included below is the time whe...Read More
Red Dwarf Poster Red Dwarf Poster Reviewed by Matt on 5:08 pm Rating: 5

Farscape Poster

Matt 5:00 pm
Yes I love Farscape. and yes I like to keep my merchandise nice and current haha This is probably the best of the four posters I designed la...Read More
Farscape Poster Farscape Poster Reviewed by Matt on 5:00 pm Rating: 5

Kick Ass Poster

Matt 4:53 pm
This is more merchandise that I was hawking late last year, Kick Ass and Hit Girl poster. I drew a Hit Girl previously (I think I preferred ...Read More
Kick Ass Poster Kick Ass Poster Reviewed by Matt on 4:53 pm Rating: 5

Doctor Who Poster

Matt 4:38 pm
This is more merchandise that I was hawking late last year, this piece was for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special: I really love drawin...Read More
Doctor Who Poster Doctor Who Poster Reviewed by Matt on 4:38 pm Rating: 5

Paroxysm Quintet One

Matt 4:07 pm
I posted about the development of this comic in the lead up to last November's Thought Bubble Festival. I only just realised I never sha...Read More
Paroxysm Quintet One Paroxysm Quintet One Reviewed by Matt on 4:07 pm Rating: 5

Hull Stingers Logo

Matt 4:01 pm
Long time no post. So I did this a few months back for a local basketball team! I love how it turned out! Manga studio drawn and inked and ...Read More
Hull Stingers Logo Hull Stingers Logo Reviewed by Matt on 4:01 pm Rating: 5
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