It's My Birthday Today!

Matt 3:37 pm
Howdy, just sayin' how sweet this picture is by my bud Snapper52 (he does the art at the Welly club , don'tcha know). It was a sort...Read More
It's My Birthday Today! It's My Birthday Today! Reviewed by Matt on 3:37 pm Rating: 5


Matt 2:04 pm
Howdy, this one is a picture for Nicole's desktop at work. I brighten up her work space with pictures quite often. It's an o...Read More
Wallpaper Wallpaper Reviewed by Matt on 2:04 pm Rating: 5

Self Portrait

Matt 5:17 pm
Howdy, been a while since I drew myself so this is the typical facebook display picture. Just dropped some of my favorite recent pictures in...Read More
Self Portrait Self Portrait Reviewed by Matt on 5:17 pm Rating: 5
"Kick Her in the Balls!" "Kick Her in the Balls!" Reviewed by Matt on 1:31 pm Rating: 5

The Scott Pilgrim Doodles

Matt 1:26 pm
Howdy, these are the bad boys that I'm currently colouring in and it is looking wonderful. I'm finding that my new "style"...Read More
The Scott Pilgrim Doodles The Scott Pilgrim Doodles Reviewed by Matt on 1:26 pm Rating: 5

Harry Potter

Matt 12:51 pm
Howdy, this was just a quickie. And boy does it show. I shouldn't try to play with textures and stuff, just makes it look naff. Also sho...Read More
Harry Potter Harry Potter Reviewed by Matt on 12:51 pm Rating: 5

Quentin the Boarding School Bear!

Matt 2:34 pm
Howdy, debuting a new character. He may or may not be a relation to the same Polar Bear who is currently in my header logo. Enjoy and...Read More
Quentin the Boarding School Bear! Quentin the Boarding School Bear! Reviewed by Matt on 2:34 pm Rating: 5


Matt 4:01 pm
Howdy, just a quickie that had to be done as soon as I though of the joke. It was a quick doodle that I coloured as an e-card for Marc Eller...Read More
Riots Riots Reviewed by Matt on 4:01 pm Rating: 5
A Female Cat (Note: Not Catwoman This Time) A Female Cat (Note: Not Catwoman This Time) Reviewed by Matt on 2:42 pm Rating: 5


Matt 11:19 am
Howdy, it's been a while since I posted. I know, I know. Here's a Catwoman picture. I should also say some phrase like fan art and t...Read More
Catwoman Catwoman Reviewed by Matt on 11:19 am Rating: 5

The Doctor and Amy

Matt 9:39 pm
Howdy and HOLY GOAT NIPPLES, BATMAN! Yes this is the third post in a single day. I don't even blog that often that's the weird part!...Read More
The Doctor and Amy The Doctor and Amy Reviewed by Matt on 9:39 pm Rating: 5

Drink and Thor!

Matt 4:58 pm
Howdy, the afore and heavily mentioned Doomed Patrol had a recent drink and draw get together. We went to see Thor at the cinema first and t...Read More
Drink and Thor! Drink and Thor! Reviewed by Matt on 4:58 pm Rating: 5

Gertie Harry Comic Cover

Matt 4:02 pm
Howdy I finally got around to putting together the rest of the image for the Doomed challenge. Check it out! I am really proud of the charac...Read More
Gertie Harry Comic Cover Gertie Harry Comic Cover Reviewed by Matt on 4:02 pm Rating: 5

Warm Up Sketches

Matt 2:55 pm
Howdy it's been a while since I've just drawn for the hell of it. I had been looking through Jamie McKelvie's online blogs and j...Read More
Warm Up Sketches Warm Up Sketches Reviewed by Matt on 2:55 pm Rating: 5

The Shining on Doomed Patrol

Matt 1:14 pm
Howdy, on Doomed Patrol we are tackling our first live action subject in our separate arty ways. Here is my attempt at turning the Shining, ...Read More
The Shining on Doomed Patrol The Shining on Doomed Patrol Reviewed by Matt on 1:14 pm Rating: 5

Casey Jones on Doomed Patrol

Matt 12:32 pm
Howdy and check out the inks and finished item for the current challenge over on Doomed Patrol, then click the link in the side bar to check...Read More
Casey Jones on Doomed Patrol Casey Jones on Doomed Patrol Reviewed by Matt on 12:32 pm Rating: 5

Platform 2011 Live Art Wall

Matt 11:41 pm
Howdy, I was invited to do live art at Hull's big Gaming expo. along with a few other faces I know. It was held earlier today in Hull...Read More
Platform 2011 Live Art Wall Platform 2011 Live Art Wall Reviewed by Matt on 11:41 pm Rating: 5

Howl's Moving Castle

Matt 5:32 pm
Some more art from the Doomed Patrol side of things. This weeks challenge was set by Abi and was to do the Studio Ghibli character Howl. I w...Read More
Howl's Moving Castle Howl's Moving Castle Reviewed by Matt on 5:32 pm Rating: 5
Some Game Character I've Never Heard of Some Game Character I've Never Heard of Reviewed by Matt on 2:15 pm Rating: 5

Speed Draw Bea Comic

Matt 10:08 pm
Howdy me and Snapper52 just did a speed draw. 3 hours to make a comic in. I got a bit ambitious and did too much drawing and really crappy c...Read More
Speed Draw Bea Comic Speed Draw Bea Comic Reviewed by Matt on 10:08 pm Rating: 5

Jean-Paul François the Frog

Matt 2:07 pm
Howdy, It's my unofficial name for him right now. But it's for a children's learning resource website and group in London. Mainl...Read More
Jean-Paul François the Frog <strike>Jean-Paul</strike> François the Frog Reviewed by Matt on 2:07 pm Rating: 5

Pokemon Black and White!

Matt 11:44 pm
Howdy, pokemon black and white come out in a few days in the UK and I totally didn't realise it was so soon. I would have chosen it as m...Read More
Pokemon Black and White! Pokemon Black and White! Reviewed by Matt on 11:44 pm Rating: 5

The Metal Men on Doomed Patrol

Matt 3:21 pm
Howdy, my latest Doomed Patrol entry and it's rough development stages. Don't forget to check out the rest of the Patrol's take ...Read More
The Metal Men on Doomed Patrol The Metal Men on Doomed Patrol Reviewed by Matt on 3:21 pm Rating: 5

The Sims

Matt 5:29 pm
Howdy, this one isn't so much a commission, more a gift. It's my fiancé Nicole's twin and her boyfriend as Sims characters. I...Read More
The Sims The Sims Reviewed by Matt on 5:29 pm Rating: 5

Collaborative Art Blog

Matt 10:35 am
Howdy, another new blog this time with a bunch of contributors, The Doomed Patrol . We are going to pick a new character each week and get o...Read More
Collaborative Art Blog Collaborative Art Blog Reviewed by Matt on 10:35 am Rating: 5

Consider Our Fight Begun Blog

Matt 5:16 pm
Howdy, I am doing pictures honestly, I just don't feel like a lot of it is post-worthy on here. So as a side project to this very blog I...Read More
Consider Our Fight Begun Blog Consider Our Fight Begun Blog Reviewed by Matt on 5:16 pm Rating: 5


Matt 1:40 pm
Howdy, Finally got that comic lettered from ages ago and remembered to post it. It's not exactly startling but it's something to rea...Read More
Finally... Finally... Reviewed by Matt on 1:40 pm Rating: 5
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