Holtzman Ghostbusters Print

Matt 7:01 pm
Who you gonna call? Me. To buy this upcoming print. This is the last in the series of the awesome females prints. I was tempted to do a DC p...Read More
Holtzman Ghostbusters Print Holtzman Ghostbusters Print Reviewed by Matt on 7:01 pm Rating: 5

Black Widow Print

Matt 6:09 pm
Here's the next in the series of kick ass ladeez. Should all be turned into prints for sale sooner or later! Read More
Black Widow Print Black Widow Print Reviewed by Matt on 6:09 pm Rating: 5

Ms Marvel Print

Matt 12:58 pm
The next of my print series is now coloured. Kampala Khan, Ms Marvel. Here's the sketch and the finished piece. Read More
Ms Marvel Print Ms Marvel Print Reviewed by Matt on 12:58 pm Rating: 5
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