Classic Superhero Pics

Matt 2:06 pm
Howdy! Some messy inks of super folk for you. Spidey, the Fantastic Four, Ant-man and Batman... Tatty byes!Read More
Classic Superhero Pics Classic Superhero Pics Reviewed by Matt on 2:06 pm Rating: 5

Herbert and Hugh

Matt 12:49 pm
Howdy! Now, Herbert and Hugh was something that me and a childhood friend made up in primary school, It was a lot different back then. We ma...Read More
Herbert and Hugh Herbert and Hugh Reviewed by Matt on 12:49 pm Rating: 5


Matt 12:16 pm
Howdy! Lots of illustration and music under one roof. My first attempt at live art, and seen as i cant draw when people are watching i was b...Read More
Lightbox@Lamp Lightbox@Lamp Reviewed by Matt on 12:16 pm Rating: 5

Lots of Zines!

Matt 11:51 am
Howdy. Spent all day assembling printing zines out for the Lightbox@Lamp live art event. Hope they sell, cos i want to go all out on merchan...Read More
Lots of Zines! Lots of Zines! Reviewed by Matt on 11:51 am Rating: 5

A Nicky Pic!

Matt 12:06 am
Been busy past few days and plan to be for a while, well till tuesday at least. But unless i surprise and startle myself then i wont be post...Read More
A Nicky Pic! A Nicky Pic! Reviewed by Matt on 12:06 am Rating: 5

The last Farscape Week entry

Matt 12:50 pm
Howdy the last Farscape picture today and its my favorite so far just because. John in his space suit! Tatty Byes!Read More
The last Farscape Week entry The last Farscape Week entry Reviewed by Matt on 12:50 pm Rating: 5

Farscape Week Part 6

Matt 12:29 pm
Howdy, Time for another slightly more retro John Chriton, as he appeared in the first episode with his NASA uniform on. Sketchy again! I'...Read More
Farscape Week Part 6 Farscape Week Part 6 Reviewed by Matt on 12:29 pm Rating: 5

farscape Week Part 5

Matt 12:26 pm
Howdy! One of the coolest scifi characters in my opinion now, Pilot. Again, sorry about the barely visable pencil sketch! Tatty Byes!Read More
farscape Week Part 5 farscape Week Part 5 Reviewed by Matt on 12:26 pm Rating: 5

Farscape Week Part 4

Matt 12:19 pm
Howdy! I seem to be having trouble posting and it coming up in the wrong order, but i assure you that i have posted a picture every day like...Read More
Farscape Week Part 4 Farscape Week Part 4 Reviewed by Matt on 12:19 pm Rating: 5

Summonator Zine

Matt 9:40 pm
Howdy, The Summonator Zine is officially ready to sell, on a small scale... only have 12 copies right now. But i may try to sell some at the...Read More
Summonator Zine Summonator Zine Reviewed by Matt on 9:40 pm Rating: 5

Farscape Week Part 3

Matt 1:59 pm
Howdy! Chiana, Not sure if thats how its spelt but some Nymphomaniac alien picture is here for you. I must say, i am really getting into thi...Read More
Farscape Week Part 3 Farscape Week Part 3 Reviewed by Matt on 1:59 pm Rating: 5

Farscape Week Part 2

Matt 1:56 pm
Howdy, it may only be a few minutes into tuesday but how about another slice of this pie? Aeryn Sun, Tatty Byes!Read More
Farscape Week Part 2 Farscape Week Part 2 Reviewed by Matt on 1:56 pm Rating: 5

Farscape Week? Sure why not!

Matt 1:02 pm
Howdy I didnt get to post yesterday as i was otherwise engaged in christmas shopping all the way out in meadowhall. I have officially finish...Read More
Farscape Week? Sure why not! Farscape Week? Sure why not! Reviewed by Matt on 1:02 pm Rating: 5

Skylark Cover

Matt 11:43 am
Howdy. Everything is all go at the moment. Bought the biggest bunch of card for printing the zine covers/ postcards/ standees and business c...Read More
Skylark Cover Skylark Cover Reviewed by Matt on 11:43 am Rating: 5

Existential World

Matt 9:43 pm
Howdy my dears, todays post is to show the creation process behind a simple picture of Existential Girl. In one of the pages from her origin...Read More
Existential World Existential World Reviewed by Matt on 9:43 pm Rating: 5

Classic Gallery

Matt 10:46 pm
Howdy! I was going through old sketch books and files on my mac, so, today you can see some of my old work. It was neatly gathered together ...Read More
Classic Gallery Classic Gallery Reviewed by Matt on 10:46 pm Rating: 5

A day in the life of me

Matt 7:40 pm
Howdy! Another short story from THE SKYLARK LOUNGE, this time experimenting with use of panels and media (kinda). I took a bunch of post-it ...Read More
A day in the life of me A day in the life of me Reviewed by Matt on 7:40 pm Rating: 5

The Paroxysm Quintet

Matt 11:27 pm
Howdy! Some early designs for the super hero team known as The Paroxysm Quintet, bearing in mind their looks have changed considerably as i ...Read More
The Paroxysm Quintet The Paroxysm Quintet Reviewed by Matt on 11:27 pm Rating: 5

The Skylark Lounge

Matt 4:40 pm
Howdy, This is the amazing logo for the THE SKYLARK LOUNGE. And here are a few taster stories, The heart on the photograph... ... and, Forth...Read More
The Skylark Lounge The Skylark Lounge Reviewed by Matt on 4:40 pm Rating: 5


Matt 4:10 pm
Howdy howdy howdy. My blog is set up, i may not know how to work it, but i have one! This should be keeping a record of my self initiated pr...Read More
Howdy! Howdy! Reviewed by Matt on 4:10 pm Rating: 5
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