It's My Birthday Today!

Matt 3:37 pm
Howdy, just sayin' how sweet this picture is by my bud Snapper52 (he does the art at the Welly club , don'tcha know). It was a sort...Read More
It's My Birthday Today! It's My Birthday Today! Reviewed by Matt on 3:37 pm Rating: 5


Matt 2:04 pm
Howdy, this one is a picture for Nicole's desktop at work. I brighten up her work space with pictures quite often. It's an o...Read More
Wallpaper Wallpaper Reviewed by Matt on 2:04 pm Rating: 5

Self Portrait

Matt 5:17 pm
Howdy, been a while since I drew myself so this is the typical facebook display picture. Just dropped some of my favorite recent pictures in...Read More
Self Portrait Self Portrait Reviewed by Matt on 5:17 pm Rating: 5
"Kick Her in the Balls!" "Kick Her in the Balls!" Reviewed by Matt on 1:31 pm Rating: 5

The Scott Pilgrim Doodles

Matt 1:26 pm
Howdy, these are the bad boys that I'm currently colouring in and it is looking wonderful. I'm finding that my new "style"...Read More
The Scott Pilgrim Doodles The Scott Pilgrim Doodles Reviewed by Matt on 1:26 pm Rating: 5

Harry Potter

Matt 12:51 pm
Howdy, this was just a quickie. And boy does it show. I shouldn't try to play with textures and stuff, just makes it look naff. Also sho...Read More
Harry Potter Harry Potter Reviewed by Matt on 12:51 pm Rating: 5

Quentin the Boarding School Bear!

Matt 2:34 pm
Howdy, debuting a new character. He may or may not be a relation to the same Polar Bear who is currently in my header logo. Enjoy and...Read More
Quentin the Boarding School Bear! Quentin the Boarding School Bear! Reviewed by Matt on 2:34 pm Rating: 5


Matt 4:01 pm
Howdy, just a quickie that had to be done as soon as I though of the joke. It was a quick doodle that I coloured as an e-card for Marc Eller...Read More
Riots Riots Reviewed by Matt on 4:01 pm Rating: 5
A Female Cat (Note: Not Catwoman This Time) A Female Cat (Note: Not Catwoman This Time) Reviewed by Matt on 2:42 pm Rating: 5


Matt 11:19 am
Howdy, it's been a while since I posted. I know, I know. Here's a Catwoman picture. I should also say some phrase like fan art and t...Read More
Catwoman Catwoman Reviewed by Matt on 11:19 am Rating: 5
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