Spoiler Alert!

Howdy, I'm probably behind on reporting this. I've being hearing about it for a few months before i finally downloaded and listened to it. But one of my favorite musicians, Eddie Argos from Art Brut, is a huge comics fan. Firstly I just found out that he does a regular column about comics on Playbackstl.com And it's rather quite good even if it isn't always up to date releases. You can tell he knows his stuff!

Which leads me onto my next point, what I got all excited about. He has collaborated with a bunch of other secret musicians to create songs based entirely around DC comics characters. Art Brut's single DC comics and chocolate milkshake, was one thing, but covering the origins and entire stories of Batman, Booster Gold (Eddie's Favorite character apparently) and Blue Beetle is all together amazing. It really is some of the nerdiest indie music I have heard in a long while.

The three track EP is available for download for the small donation of £2 and you can listen to the full tracks on the site if your just mildly intrigued. You can download them here!

That's my nerd rant for the week, also how cool was Scott Pilgrim? Never laughed so hard in my life. But at the risk of this becoming a review site O_o I bid you tatty byes.
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