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Howdy, I've been reading through some of the feedback on Millarworld from the Fistful of Comics anthology. There are some very strong analysis coming through. People being very critical in the feedback thread about other people's short stories in the book. So I wanted to share my mostly great reviews.
The best of the one page gag strips in my opinion. Great build up and a perfect punch line. I think this story had alot of good things going for it. A simple joke sure, but it was matched with really great art. The story header was very clever, as was the panel layout. All in all talent really came through here.
This is a story I'd love to have draw, simplistic but effective, for one page David really hit a good level of pace, Matt's art made it all the more special and an excellent opening to the book.
Great David Meadows writing and humor. It's really hard to pull off a "surprise ending" on a 1-page strip, but somehow David and Matt made it work.
I think this is the best one pager in the book. Art is not my cup of tea, but you can't expect a humor strip to take itself too seriously. When I let the words in the panels sink in, it really put a grin on my face, and that ain't an easy feat.
Brilliantly simple and effective story, I wish I was able to think up such good ideas for one-pagers as David, and the art works with it as well, although, honestly, anything outside of Dave McKean abstractia would get the job done. I do like the shading, very Saturday-morning-cartoon-like, and the layout is nice. The simple backgrounds and integrated title are good touches.
This I loved. The art is stylish, just cartoony enough and knows how to work in black and white. It doesn't outstay its welcome, telling a simple but funny joke smartly. Actually, I could have lived with the final panel getting its own splash page, if space wasn't an issue.

I will update this post when more are put up. A lot of them just say similar things to be honest. But it's all good food for my ego! Tatty Byes!
Fistful of Feedback Fistful of Feedback Reviewed by Matt on 12:46 am Rating: 5

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  1. Despite the lack of colour convincing me the planet is the moon (every time), this was a well-paced comic strip with an innovative and unique panel structure. The varying sizes of halftone dots are a subtle and clever touch, really helping the images to pop. I wish Mattruss would draw my life.


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