Lightbox@Lamp 2: Inkandescence

Howdy, apparently I have nothing better to do after a night out but to update my blog, but still i haven't posted in a while so i might as well!
Lightbox 2 was quieter than the first but it left me with more time to create "art" as some would call it. So instead of doodling graffiti style things with markers onto one colour canvas like last time... I actually decided to paint paint! And that happens very rarely. But here are the two results,

A Lad on a vespa, currently sat looking at me across the desk and,

A robot with a bun in the oven avec a passenger and apparently scaring a puppy. This last picture sold to a drunk cowboy, he didn't seem like the most avid art critic but still we got money from him and he took the canvas so fair is fair.

You may notice that even though i painted i also used the marker pens on top, this is because the painting wasn't going so well alone and it kinda looks pretty damn good as it ended up. Anyways i will probably post the thinking behind both of these pics and some work in progress snaps soon enough, Tatty byes!
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