Christmas Commissions

Howdy and I hope you all had a great Christmas! As it's now past the big day I figured I would share a few of the pics I did. I forgot to ask permission from everyone I did commissions for, to be able to put them up here, so there's just a few going up for now.
For some friends, Adam's gift to Hayley of them both decorating a tree:

(he's going to fall off because she distracted him with her looks haha!)
And a decal I designed for Nikki's DSi that I got her:

(I'm dressed as Pikachu and Nikki's catching me in a Pokeball. Based on a true story*)
I'm still open for anything anyone needs or wants doing so just hit me with an email. I can do decals for any console, pretty much. Tatty byes for now. Should be back to a normal amount of posting and creating for that matter, after the holidays!

*In no way did this ever happen ever.
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