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Howdy, I am doing pictures honestly, I just don't feel like a lot of it is post-worthy on here. So as a side project to this very blog I am also doing a comic review site. I read a lot and enjoy of the books I read week in week out. Most major websites seem to have very differing opinions on mainstream comics than I do so I wanted to get my own voice out there. Even if nobody listens. If you have an interest in comics, then feel free to argue your point in the comments. If you want to get into comics more then feel free to use this to see what you'd like to pick up, or hell give me reading suggestions when you see what I read and like. Hell if you just want a quick laugh at the most random comic panels I find that week, then come and look. Followers would be greatly appreciated.

Rule one for creating comics: Keep reading comics. It will keep you up to date with writing and art styles. It should help your own creative juices flow! Tatty byes!

Also: just added a button to my sidebar for ease of finding it.
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