Platform 2011 Live Art Wall

Howdy, I was invited to do live art at Hull's big Gaming expo. along with a few other faces I know. It was held earlier today in Hull's KC Stadium. We got massive areas each to paint on. Floor to ceiling, literally had to stand on chairs to reach the top. Being a gaming event it was going to be games related art, and figuring the others I was painting with would go for Sci-fi or fantasy game art, I decided to do THE most gaudy coloured mario picture I could possibly churn out. I settled on painting and marker-ing a "Mario Party", you know, like the game only it was at an actual rave party. Naturally Bowser is on the decks and so on.

Blank board floor to ceiling.

Base colours and textures.

Snapper 52's text based half.

Close up of the Characters.

The finished deal!

So yeah it went pretty cool. I'll do a separate post tomorrow for the other chaps and chapettes wall's, too tired to upload more now, so tatty byes!
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