The Doctor and Amy

Howdy and HOLY GOAT NIPPLES, BATMAN! Yes this is the third post in a single day. I don't even blog that often that's the weird part! Anyway.. I went away and carried on doodling in my sketchbook and did a really sweet picture of the Doctor and Amy Pond. I had Doctor Who on the brain, what with the series being back on again and it being absolutely, mind-blowingly amazing. I kinda did the legs wrong when I sketched it in my book so that was my main reason for scanning it in. To fix that. I just coloured it out of boredom haha!
I am so effing proud of this Doctor Who Fan Art (Fart)

Check it out eep! See what I mean?!
This isn't the first time I've drawn the Doctor either, check out some of his previous incarnations HERE.
Tatty byes!
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