Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival 2016

Hey, so Snapper Welly of Something Entirely Different and Fat Polly's Print Shop and myself had a stall again this year. We had an absolute blast at the con on both days and the mid con party on the Saturday. I'll try to keep this write up short and sweet.

It was possibly the most profitable con I've done, which was surprising because we were in what would typically be the quietest of the three halls. We had a nice footfall on both days and I think that's to do with the big named guests been spread nicely throughout the three also. The usual friendship groups and cliques were surprisingly spread around.

I sold out of certain posters and postcard prints really quickly as well as getting rid of all my mystery comics bags. A great way to have an inevitable clear out of comics I no longer want to keep. I buy a lot of comics!

Here's what I bought at the con. The official shirt by illustrated mind again. Romeo and or Juliet the choose your own adventure book and the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl singed by Ryan North. New books by Rachel Smith, Adam Cadwell, Joe Decie as well as John and Dan's Hitsville. My fav book I got was Sexcastle as it's the funniest laugh out loud book I've ever read. Support small press books everyone!

This is a drunken selfie of me finding the Wic+Div art gallery exhibition while trying to find our way to the Trinity Kitchen venue for the after party. Such a good place to go and eat. Need to go back during the day one time I think!

 And lastly this is a cosplayer holding a print of Holtzmann that I did. It makes me so happy and I'm so grateful to everyone who bought anything from my stall. Thanks so much, you are the reason I do what I do!
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