Hi my name is Matt Hemsworth, and this is my art blog.

All of the work you see is copyright protected so if you like what you see and want some of that for yourself hit the contact button in the sidebar. Super reasonable prices! 

I'm a 26 year old free-lance artist, and Illustration graduate.

I would most describe myself as an indie-comics or small press artist but I dabble in design and lots of other creative stuffs too.

I have a passion for all things comics! Reading, writing and drawing. I'm up to date with most mainstream books so if you just fancy a chat or want to suggest some characters you would love to see in my style then feel free to network by contacting me.

I'm currently stuck in a mundane, supermarket job, but one day, one magical day, I may drop one of my 5 days a week to have fractionally more drawing time. Oh yeah I dream big.

I love podcasts, macaroni cheese and spazzy-dancy-electro-indie-pop-rock.

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