Short Story About Making Stories

Howdy, inspiration for the short stories that i constantly churn out now, apparently, come from everywhere. Fleeting thoughts, real events, day dreams etc But i just had a fab idea of doing some comics about making the comics?! Yeah it is a bit of a paradox but it would be a really cool fun thing to have a "making of" section in the printed versions of the short story collections. This one in particular shows a bit of photoshop grief, enjoy,

Having two comics in the same panels saves the environment or something i guess. Also this is the return of Manga Matt! Didn't think that would happen so soon! Again over using the grey half tone. Yes thats right after reading Love the way you love, i got Scott Pilgrim out of the library. Seems i have a knack for this kind of short story technique. Maybe i should push myself and do a longer story now?
Anyway, my eyes are going funny from staring at a computer so, tatty byes.
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