Super-Di-Duper 50th Post

Howdy, When i started the blog i didn't think i would keep it up to be fairly honest. I create so many accounts for random online services, and either ignore or forget about them. But this blog. I am genuinely having fun with it. At the moment i have barely any followers and a 50th post doesn't sound that impressive but at least i haven't done like 5 posts or more a day. I feel like i am updating in a regular if slightly random fashion, but i do have a lot going on right now. I am proud of all of the work i have posted on here, and feel that when i get a few more followers through a bit of promotion at the shows and conventions, that they will have fun looking through the work already on here.
So today was the first time in a while that i have drawn the super hero group i made called the Paroxysm Quintet. It felt good. I left them alone for a while and came back at them with a fresh sense of thought and i made an A3 poster of them! Enjoy,

Tatty Byes
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