100th Post! New Zine! Exclamation Marks!!!

Howdy, I'm currently working on a zine, collaborative style, flip book with Snapper52 to sell at Thought Bubble. It'll be black and white, 28pg A6 format. 14 pages each!
Doing some splash page illustrations and including some of my vast collection of photography from the trip to NYC. These are the line work for the characters. Yes, it's the Paroxysm Quintet. Thought I'd forgot about them didn't you? I haven't used ink like this in a long time!

There's also going to be lots of short, increasingly more offensive, Snowman and Polar Bear comics. But you only get these above ink pic's as a teaser. You have to wait to buy it! There's bound to be some left over after Thought Bubble so I'll have to set up an etsy shop or something! Tatty byes!
100th Post! New Zine! Exclamation Marks!!! 100th Post! New Zine! Exclamation Marks!!! Reviewed by Matt on 4:35 pm Rating: 5

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