After Thought Bubble

Howdy, and hello to the new followers. I'm guessing from the recent convention and the vanishing of yet another box of business cards!
I had a great time at this years Thought Bubble. Plenty of time to chat with creators while taking it in shifts at the stall! Didn't actually make or bring a lot to sell but made a lot of dough through selling my old comics and also making lucky bags. My and snapper's zine effort went down well also. Now that I've done it once from behind a stall I can happily say that I want to start preparing now for next years one. Starting with tidying up the look of this blog and updating with COMICS more regularly. I'm going to aim for a weekly update at least. Once I get into the swing of things I'll see which day is best for the post!
Anyway this is the stuff I ended up getting for myself while we were there: The Everyday, Some original Chloe Noonan pages, Spandex and Scott Pilgrim teddies! Amongst other things!

Along with just two sketches, this year, but by my two favorite creatives there:
Chloe Noonan by Marc Ellerby.

The Demo character with the OCD by Becky Cloonan.

And here is us sat at the stall. (This photo by Karl Thomas)

Going to be starting regular bio comic posts I think. Mixed with the odd Snowman and Polar Bear. See where that gets me! Keep tuned and tatty byes
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