Howdy, I know these things have been on the go for ages but I somehow felt a pull to do one finally. Influence maps. Artists that influenced my style through the uni years. Cartoons and films that made me want to draw my own pictures and stories in the first place. Plus the music I could happily listen to continuously while being creative. The things that influence my humour and how I grew up. There's also a lot more stuff that I didn't want to jam in there, like specific mainstream comics or other films I love. Things that haven't been in my life long enough to influence it like recent artists I found out about, Scott Pilgrim comics and so on.
Anyway this is just a quicky so have a look if you want. This would probably be better off in an about me section. Note to self: make one of those.
Click on the pic unless you are willing to go blind from squinting.

Tatty byes!
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  1. I have to say I You've got alot of similar inspirations to me! - I'm gonna have to get round to doing one of these! They're so interesting!

  2. Weirdly cool but also good to know. I must be doing something right then haha!
    I just love love love love love anyone with black inks and bio comics.


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