New Shop Items

There have been a bunch of new items added to MY STORE.

My Women of Power prints as I've shared in my posts below are now fully realised, beautiful, A3 posters. I'm really stunned with the quality of the paper they are on too. It's almost card quality! Best part is they only cost £5! CLICK HERE TO BUY!

If you don't have room for a larger print or simply can't afford a larger print, I've added cheaper postcard sized prints so you can have a little piece of the action too. There are all 4 of the Women of Power art pieces as well as some of my Cult Classic prints and a few others that I have either printed for the first time or done especially for this print run. These little guys are only £1 each! GET THEM HERE!

Still available are my first issue of Paroxysm Quintet, my Cult Classic posters and my one of Love Byte comic. Sadly, I've taken down the Guardians of the Galaxy Chrimbo cards as it's brilliant sunshine outside, you crazy bugger!

(International fans make the most of the failing post-brexit pound and get more for your money today!)

Thanks to everyone who buys my work! You keep me going!
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