A day in the life of me

Howdy! Another short story from THE SKYLARK LOUNGE, this time experimenting with use of panels and media (kinda). I took a bunch of post-it notes around on a day out to a shopping center, and drew a picture on them every ten minutes of what i was doing. Kinda got bored half way through of the drawing and just took note of what i was doing for the doodling at a later date.

I really feel like it loosened up my style and i was a lot less fussy with composition and neatness and more bothered about getting the picture down and getting on with the day. Also people have said to me that its quite nice as a piece of graphic design. Which got me wondering if i should try to learn more graphic design. It would definitely help, what with all the Zine making going on... and also get some more interesting panel layouts like this. Tatty Byes!
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