Howdy howdy howdy. My blog is set up, i may not know how to work it, but i have one!
This should be keeping a record of my self initiated projects to date and to see the progression.
"Now what projects are they?" i hear you cry. Well there are two narrative briefs. One is about naff retro style superheroes called THE PAROXYSM QUINTET and the other is a bunch of more biographical short stories entitled THE SKYLARK LOUNGE.
There are a bunch of side projects i am considering doing, out of the competitions and i would also very much enjoy doing some music related work. The aim of all the short stories and narratives is to get a better sense of page layouts and pacing as well as hoping that it improves my single image work, thus making it look more dynamic. Anyhow now to figure out how to get my pictures onto here, Tatty Byes!
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