Skylark Cover

Howdy. Everything is all go at the moment. Bought the biggest bunch of card for printing the zine covers/ postcards/ standees and business cards on! But i have a busy weekend ahead of me so i aren't sure how much will get done. Nearly got the first two characters zines done and put together. Just need to work on getting some finalized stuff to sell at the live art show! Also badges, just one word, badges.
I have being coming up with some cool ideas for future zine projects; An alphabet book, a drawing a day book- number included with the image too, and probably, following in the footsteps of every straight male illustrator and artist a big book of girls lol Maybe that could tie into Miss Star of The Paroxysm Quintet? Who knows. And a work in process for a possible cover design:

Tatty Byes!
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