Herbert and Hugh

Howdy! Now, Herbert and Hugh was something that me and a childhood friend made up in primary school, It was a lot different back then. We made up the characters together, and he went and drew footballers and put them into comics, where as i did super heroes and random stuff like Herbert and Hugh. Ah those where the days... I believe i helped him with Toon United, another comic we did back then. But all of the comics and other sequential stories with the Herbert and Hugh characters were solely created by me.
This first set of 4 comics where done in primary school aged about 8ish. And are hilarious to read now because it is just bonkers nonsense, Think the Simpsons crossed with Friends only its written by a child...

This second lot were done over the summer holidays the year after and read slightly more coherently,

The final lot here are starting to look a lot more like the simpsons (kinda) and the stories are still as mad,

I know there is one more story out there that i did, a final xmas special that rather poetically wrapped all the characters up into a happy ending, I created that one when i was doing gcse's and should probably have been revising instead! As soon as i find that one it will be posted too. The first 3 Volumes of this comic are now collected in my Zines (which where sold at the show) Photocopied in all their black and white glory... I hope somebody byes and reads them.
Later on, in the first year of uni I started re drawing Herbert but this time he was paired up with a dog called Marty and it was more of a one panel gag kinda thing... Should post them on here one day too, if only my room wasnt such a mess, all of this finding would be much easier. So glad i hoarded all these drawings from my childhood.
Its so tempting to ressurect all of these characters form my past, only time will tell... Tatty byes!
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