Lots of Zines!

Howdy. Spent all day assembling printing zines out for the Lightbox@Lamp live art event. Hope they sell, cos i want to go all out on merchandise for the next show... I'm think t-shirts, bags, custom sneakers, badges and more micro comics! Oh and to seal the comics up so as to stop people from flicking through and then going hmmm maybe... then walking off!
Anyway heres what ended up being made:

About 10 copies of each! Which was a bugger to staple! 3 volumes of Herbert and Hugh, which is my childhood comic done between the ages of 8 and 14 (i think). More on Herbert and Hugh in a later post though. Selling for £1-£2 due to varying sizes.
A small book called Mattruss monsters which is a bizarre collection of creatures in a kind of fact based format, think Flanimals only it's actually funny (oooh burn!). Selling at £1
Last but not least is The White Rabbits Tunnel of Lust, which is just a reproduction of some of my darkest artwork, several of which are based around a white rabbit, and also including some new illustration too. For sale at £1.50
Oh i do hope they sell! Tatty Byes!
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