Howdy! Lots of illustration and music under one roof. My first attempt at live art, and seen as i cant draw when people are watching i was bricking it. Fact. Some VIP badges made by HVG for the event

Seen as i put more preparation into my zines then what i was going to paint on the night i ended up just doing several marker pen graffiti things onto bold background colours. And added some speech bubbles with signature humour in. But i dont have a great attention span so i guess this was better for me tbh.
All sold on the night *breathes sigh of relief* I did 4 small canvases and one big one. A small one sold for £15 just after a finished it (which was more than the others got at auction, so thank me and my bargaining skills later, uni fund!) Then the other three smaller ones went for £20 as a set at auction, and the bigger one went for £12 to some drunk guy... Huzzah!
I don't think many of the zines sold though but i figure i will get a display stand of my own next time to help do my own salesman ship skills.

The other one that i didnt get a picture of was of a spaceman avec raised eyebrow, captioned, "Martians, you say?"
Over all money raised so far is £650 and should be over £800 when all the auction money comes in. Plans for a valentines day Lightbox@Lamp event are already in motion apparently, so look out for that.

Tatty byes!
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  1. ah ha!!! i bought it for my boyfriend! ill get u a pic of it if u want? dont know when as i have no camera but ill find a way!!! x Evy k x

  2. oh wow that would be great thanks haha
    I can't believe I didn't take one lol bit amateurish aren't I haha!
    Hope it was well loved :)


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