Graffiti Style, I Think I Love You!

Howdy. Somebody recently forcefully showed there praise about one of my more graffiti style images. I believe I used it for one of the massive buttons on the home page of my college built website. I should have believed him because this image i bashed out in about an hour and half. Including colouring. Looks mint! Oh and also it's a band poster for my mates band (Check 'em out!), and I meant to do more music related images for my assessment. Too late now though cos it was yesterday! Anyway my assessment went alright in my opinion and I have a good future plan so I aren't fussed about my grade 'cos this looks mint, and I will always keep creating!

Hope I can get some actual bands who want to commission this kind of thing! Tatty byes.
Graffiti Style, I Think I Love You! Graffiti Style, I Think I Love You! Reviewed by Matt on 11:47 pm Rating: 5

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