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Howdy, Don't worry, I aren't abandoning the blog, I am just making a website in a really old fashioned way to get like 5 points out of 24 for one of my modules for uni. Despite already having a web presence and midway through creating a decent and fancy Wordpress blog with Comicpress enabled programing. I feel it would be better suited for showing off my short stories and would allow me to get better with the deadlines of a weekly slot for uploading the funnies and stuff. But hey, I have all summer for that now!
Anyway these are the designs it went through. My original idea was to have full colour images that linked to the different sections of the site. Then it turned into a spectrum of colour on the home page.

This changed though when I tested the page at uni and found that the way we had been shown to make a site made it appear in the top left quarter of the page as it wasnt large enough in size. So like everyone else in the class i swapped that for a white background so as not to notice that it appeared in a portion of the screen. Choosing to swap the dark grey for a black so that it looked more like my work featuring on the site.

I found the experience... annoying and cant wait to be playing around on a decent site soon! Tatty byes.
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