Short Narrative

Howdy I am currently working on a short story about a deaf guy. Well he has super hearing. So the opposite of deaf, but he still cant hear properly in his workplace. Trouble is he really wants to ask a co-worker out but he wont hear the reply. Until he discovers that he can hear perfectly well in a ridiculously loud, music filled club. So he approaches her and good things happen. It sounds stupid tbh but I kinda liked the idea. Plus while i have been deaf recently due to a rather nasty ear infection, I discovered that it is possible to hear perfectly in clubs. Weird. But at least the story must have some facts to it, probably not enough to put a "based on a true story" banner on it. Still here are the roughs and drawings un-coloured and in the wrong order so that it will be a surprise when i post the whole thing. Enjoy and Tatty byes.

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